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We’re Arthur and Tamie Davis, Aussies in Tanzania.

We’re living in Dodoma, where tens of thousands of students can be found since a couple of new universities opened in 2007. St John’s University is our base while we learn Swahili and local culture as part of the chaplaincy team. Read our posts about university ministry here.

Our evangelical background means we’re on about students knowing Jesus in order to make a tangible difference in their lives, future professions and communities.

We write at mainly for the benefit of Australian churches, but you’re welcome wherever you’re from.

If you’re exploring partnership with us, read our partnership materials. We can be contacted at

About our background

We’re from Adelaide and we lived in Melbourne before moving to Tanzania. We have studied at the University of Adelaide and at Ridley Melbourne (Australian College of Theology). We work as small-time writers, speakers and theologians. We have previously worked as secondary school teachers and Arthur has also worked as a freelance graphic designer. We met in 2002, were married in 2006 and had a baby in 2012.

About this blog

We’ve been writing here in some form or other since 2008. It’s a space for thinking out loud. It’s part reflection, part chronicle, and all of it’s up for discussion. We usually post every few days, and we hope to be challenged by your imagination and insights as you share and comment!

The title comes from a slogan we use to describe university ministry, ‘meet Jesus at uni, take Jesus beyond uni’.

There are a few ideas or values that guide the issues we cover and the way we approach them. We talk about being irenic because we want to be quick to listen and slow to get angry. We talk about being self-critical because it’s much easier to criticise Those Other People than it is to acknowledge and work on our own blind spots. We talk about being evangelical because truth is incomplete without transformation. We talk about being interdenominational because the Church matters and we all have things to learn from others’ backgrounds.

You can search previous posts in the pop-up menu at the top left.

See Before you comment for commenting/licensing/disclaimers/terms/conditions. We do not claim ownership of images used here unless specified, and where necessary or appropriate we try to credit our sources. All header/background images are derived from ‘The Worlds Thy Hands Hath Made’ by Arthur Davis.

About our writing

Other publications by Tamie:

Other publications by Arthur:

Selected series on

We also have a bunch of interviewsbook reviews and sermons.

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  1. Perspective or perception.
    It seems today a phenomena, however related to actual missionary work, is that its not enough to hope and seek a cultural democratic change in other societies to accompany the Gospel. The objective seems more about pursuit of a certain kind of Leftist democracy, even here in the US, using the Gospel. (either with or after it is shared) In essence a politicized left-wing liberal democracy encompassing the movement. Maybe it is just my sense of the way the tide has changed, or coming trends. Emphasis now on the rise on that social Gospel.

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