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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

Suffragette (film review)


When I saw the trailer for Suffragette I wondered, why focus on the story of a working class woman? After all, one of the common criticisms of first wave feminists was that they were primarily white, middle class women with blind spots on race and class. Was it trying to […]

‘The Nativity’

The Nativity

Merry Christmas! ‘The Nativity’ by Gari Melchers came up in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It’s from 1891. The painting isn’t set in the traditional stable, and there are no shepherds or wise men or angels. […]

How to… ask us good questions!

family pic smaller again

Today, some suggestions for how to ask us questions. At one level we don’t really care – any question shows you’re interested and want to be involved! However, these tips might help you to get some better answers out of us. 1. Don’t be embarrassed to ask something you think you should […]