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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, blogging at

I was disappointed by Bad Feminist

roxanne gay

Perhaps my expectations had been set awry by the publicity around Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist, but I was pretty disappointed by it. I was expecting a manifesto for bad feminism, which I think is a really interesting way of describing fourth wave feminism, and the fact that there is no […]

Things we learned on holidays about holidays

Arthur and I feel like we’re not that good at taking or doing holidays. It’s something we’re still learning. I guess that’s partly settling into being a family on holidays (rather than a couple), partly our personalities, and partly living cross-culturally where you can never switch off entirely. We’ve just […]

Learnings on Pentecostalism so far


The longer we’ve been in Tanzania, the more convinced Arthur and I have become that we need to come to terms with Tanzanian Pentecostalism. What are its distinctives? How is it different from Pentecostalism in Australia? What is its history? Where is it at these days? As I’ve chatted with […]