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On losing sight of my child


We were at a community event when someone asked Elliot, ‘Where’s your mum?’ He replied, ‘I don’t know. Where is Mama?’ Sounds like a lost child, right? That’s what the person who found him thought, and fair enough. An announcement was made over the loudspeaker for me. When I heard […]

Confession of a cross-cultural parent


‘Sorry, he’s spent his whole life in East Africa.’ I find myself saying this almost daily. (I say East Africa rather than Tanzania because many people have no idea where Tanzania is, or mishear it as Tasmania.) Sometimes saying this diffuses the tension of a situation, like when Elliot joins […]

On being called ‘mzungu’


MZUNGU. We hear this all the time. Called out to Elliot in our backyard as people pass by; whispered in a tone of surprise when I walk into a shop where people haven’t seen me before; used as a description when someone answers their phone while at our house and […]