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Written by Tamie

Who is an Mswahili? Am I?


This semester I am again studying in the Swahili department at St John’s University where we work. All the lectures are in Swahili so it’s a brilliant exercise for me in listening comprehension, which is appropriate because this time I’m doing a third year course ‘Theory and Traditions of Oral […]

Richard Dowden on tribalism


From Richard Dowden‘s Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles: Three words come to mind when people try to explain the failure of Africa’s first generation after independence: leadership, tribalism and resources. They are not bad starting points, but they do not fully explain why Africa, free at last, endowed with enormous […]

November book reviews

Two Brothersby Ben Elton

Two Brothers, Ben Elton I’m familiar with Ben Elton mainly through his writing of Blackadder but I’ll be going back for more of his novels. This one follows two boys who are brothers in every way except blood. One is adopted, which might not be such a big deal except […]

Mom Enough: book review

mom enough

Mom Enough is a collection of articles, by various authors, that first appeared on Desiring God. You can get it as a free ebook. I got to it via Rachel Pieh Jones’ blog, and her contributions are the most consistently gospel focused. When mums feel inadequate, God calls us: Chosen, […]