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The Gospel-Centered Woman

Wendy Alsup 2

The Gospel-Centered Woman is Wendy Alsup’s third book (first, second) and a return to practical theology. How does theology get behind the polite smiles and Conservative Christian Values to hurt, brokenness and depravity? Wendy’s contention is that it is the gospel alone that equips us to bridge this gap. The […]

Preaching heroes

Arthur and I often get asked who our preaching heroes are. Who do we listen to and model ourselves on? I think we probably get asked because we’re quite vocal about our reservations about popular preachers such as Mark Driscoll and John Piper and even Tim Keller. It’s not that […]

More on choosing a Bible version

There is a glut of modern English Bible versions! None of them are perfect, of course, but how do we choose which is most appropriate? I’ve argued previously that the NIV is the most versatile version. However, different translations serve different purposes. For exploring this further I highly recommend this article by Bible translator […]