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Putting flesh on contextualisation


Contextualisation is kind of a big deal for us. It’s about trying to work out how to live well and do ministry well in a particular context. It’s the bread and butter of cross-cultural interaction, putting off my culture in order to contribute to this culture. It’s everything from the […]

The lady at the gate returns

Do you remember the lady at the gate? We’ve seen her a few more times since then, always saying she’s poor and needs food, but always with a different story. Sometimes multiple stories in the one day or the one conversation. She’s very skinny; she doesn’t look healthy; she’s shabbily […]

A theology of ‘Sadaka’

We’ve been planning with student leaders for an upcoming ‘semina’, like a day conference. One of the issues that came up was whether we should have a ‘sadaka’, meaning ‘offering’ or ‘sacrifice’. This is a collection, taken up at the end of a meeting. It happens at just about every […]

On not having friends


We don’t really have Tanzanian friends. There, I said it. One of the most common questions we get asked by our Australian friends is whether we are making friends here in Tanzania. The answer is ‘no’. We’ve been here for 15 months and we don’t feel like we have friends. […]