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Why don’t (Tanzanian) men go to church?

The contention of the ‘Why men hate going to church’ movement is that church has become feminised. From David Murrow’s website: With the dawning of the industrial revolution, large numbers of men sought work in mines, mills and factories, far from home and familiar parish. Women stayed behind, and began […]

On being a Christian and a feminist

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I noted in the comments of this post recently that Christians can unfairly interact with a caricature of feminism. I get annoyed when people speak about the Christian faith in unsympathetic or un-nuanced terms so I think it’s important to interact generously with others, to hear how they define themselves. […]

John Williamson on women

Last weekend, Arthur and I went down to Geelong to see a John Williamson concert. A mate of ours is a big fan of Aussie country music (and I’m a bit of a closet fan mysefl!) so we went with him. For the most part, I tried to enjoy rather […]

The Scar Project

I came across The Scar Project over at The Hairpin. It’s a collection of photos of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. They’re pretty confronting to look at. It’s a devastating issue.

Surprises in 1 Peter 3

One of the great things about working in original languages is meeting things to don’t expect, like in Exodus 15 last semester. There’s always more work to do grammatically, culturally, etc but I try to take note of what surprises me because it helps me to engage with what the […]

Photoshop before Photoshop

Apparently the oppression of women by the propagation of unrealistic images of their bodies is not Photoshop’s fault! Here are 20 classic pin up girls and the photos they came from. Apart from change in scenery and removal of some items of clothing, most notable changes include: lightened hair colour […]