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The new NIV

The new NIV has just been released on Biblegateway. It fully replaces earlier NIV versions, including the TNIV. There’s an introduction, some notes on translation, and you can do comparisons between versions. It will appear in print next year. If I were to name a favourite Bible translation, the NIV […]

15 things from Cape Town 2010 (Lausanne 3)

Ian Buchanan of Langham Partnership has posted his list of 15 take-home gems from Cape Town 2010. You can find the full post here. Hoped-for future developments 1. Thinking about what meaningful discipleship should look like is important if we want to live well. 2. The centrality of Christ and Scripture was […]

Top blogs roundup

There are eight blogs, or rather bloggers, who I find particularly significant, all Australian. This list has come together organically, but it turns out to have a breadth of perspectives across theory and praxis. These are the bloggers through whom I’ve found myself expanding my vision — they’re somewhat close […]

Death by infographics!

Infographics.  I’m crazy about them.  They’re so endlessly interesting! But I find they can induce a certain opiate haze.  I don’t seem to be knowing anyone better, doing anything differently, or travelling anywhere new.  I’ve drifted into the shallows, they say.  Infogasms destroy lives, people!  If I could show you a […]

Two new things…

…Added to our footer: Lausanne World Pulse.  Nuff said. ABC Religion and Ethics.  There’s more than just the blog!  Ben Myers reckons, “Not only will this site provide a single online destination for religion news and current affairs from around the world, it will host perhaps the most significant gathering […]

Don’t use Bible references (!)

I like following Michael Jensen’s movements — he’s older, smarter, wiser, and more experienced than me!  In recent times, he’s been doing a lot of things other than blogging, but he’s just put up some good stuff about why we shouldn’t use Bible references…  Here.