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Pentecostal Theology in Africa: prosperity

African Pentecostal Theology

The prosperity gospel is a hot topic. We’ve written on it and I’ve added to that in some comments over at The Gospel Coalition. David Ogungbile’s chapter on it in African Pentecostal Theology describes it: Thus, prosperity gospel preachers maintain the underlining factor of possessing the spirit of prosperity in […]

Life for the little guy 18: TCK


So far Elliot’s life has pretty much just been in Tanzania, but as we’re back in Australia for several months every three years, I expect as he grows up, airports and international travel will become a regular feature. On this trip, he was delighted to go on an escalator for […]

August 2015 book reviews

dun cow

Now that I am slightly less sick and able to read again, here are some reviews… The Book of the Dun Cow, Walter Wangerin, Jr. Chauntecleer the Rooster is the noble Lord of his region in a world without humans, and he must rally a ‘fellowship of the meek’ to […]

Pentecostal Theology in Africa: The Bible

African Pentecostal Theology

John Gallegos is not an African — he’s an Hispanic who has never been to Africa. He took Clarke’s PhD seminar on African Pentecostal Theology and it resonated with his experience of pastoring ‘a Spanish-speaking congregation of mostly first-generation Mexican immigrants [many of whom] do not have formal schooling beyond […]