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Who are the Wahindi?

We knew several Wahindi in Dodoma, but the suburb we’re living in in Dar is chockers full of Wahindi. So, who are they? Here’s some of what we’re learning. Most simply, the Wahindi are Indian background Tanzanians. Many of them were born in Tanzania and their families have been here for […]

Moving beyond ‘Bible school theology’

A recent campus ministry conference here featured a theology seminar on christology. The speaker talked about the incarnate Christ, the post-incarnate Christ, and most of all, the pre-incarnate Christ — the personal appearance of the Son of God in the Old Testament. The session was called ‘the doctrine of Christ’, […]

Semina: what did we learn?

We ran our first semina at St John’s University last month. It’s a new initiative for the chaplaincy with two big aims: uniting the fellowships, and offering something relevant and engaging to students. When I say ‘we’, I mean Arthur and I initiated it and facilitated getting the fellowships together, […]