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What is this song?

Elliot has started preschool at an English-medium school where there seems to be a whole lot of Swahili going on. We’re not sure of the exact balance or how much he’ll pick up of what. Since he started 2 or 3 weeks ago, we have been puzzling over the words […]

The little guy does re-entry too

Arthur and I are not the only ones simultaneously┬áre-entering Tanzania and adjusting to a new place in it. Elliot is too, and I suspect it’s even bigger for him because the ratios of his life are more dramatic. When we returned to Australia last year, he’s lived 85% of his […]

Life for the little guy 18: TCK

So far Elliot’s life has pretty much just been in Tanzania, but as we’re back in Australia for several months every three years, I expect as he grows up, airports and international travel will become a regular feature. On this trip, he was delighted to go on an escalator for […]