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  1. I’m assuming no dishwasher if there’s no running hot water! Why don’t they have hot water cylinders, as I’m assuming there’s electricity? Is it just the cost of the plumbing?

    Do the mosquitoes only come out in the evening or are they a pest all day long? Mosquito bites swell up to the size of 10/20 cent pieces for me so I don’t know how I’d go with them all year around…

    Anyway, I’m very impressed at your frugal lifestyle – I can handle that for a few days on a bushwalk but always glad to get back to a hot shower :-)

    1. There is electricity and it’s pretty reliable, but as to why there’s no hot water, “There just isn’t…”

      The mossies are around in the evenings indoors (there are always some inside!) or outdoors in the shade during the day. But for some reason I’m a flea magnet, which is worse by far!

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