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What makes a good husband or wife

The other day a Tanzanian friend shared over a whatsapp group qualifications of a good husband or a good wife. Each one began with a list and explanation of lesser types of husbands and wives. Today I provide summary translation of the qualifications of husbands and wives. In the next […]

On 10 years of marriage

“The first year of marriage is really hard,” we heard over and over again in the lead up to our wedding, so I set my expectations low and braced myself for conflict. Would it be about how to squeeze the toothpaste and the cleanliness of the house, or would it be over […]

On changing your name

The issue of women changing their names when they married resurfaced in 2014 when Amal Alamuddin decided to add George Clooney’s surname to hers when she married him. There are questions of professional and personal identity at stake, as well as the troubling history that changing a woman’s name was […]