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Activities for kids and families

Here are 9 ideas to help your family partner with us and learn Tanzanian culture alongside us!


Get a copy of Pray Around the World, a booklet designed especially for kids to help them pray for CMS workers. Ask Kate to send you one from the CMS SA office.


Browse our photos of life in Tanzania.


Take our Tanzanian culture quiz.


Make a map of Tanzania. Locate Tanzania on a world map. Colour in this printable version of a map of Tanzania to look like the Tanzanian flag. Stick it to your fridge using our magnet in the middle where Dodoma is. (If you don’t have a magnet, the CMS office can send you one!)


Eat breakfast, lunch or dinner like a Tanzanian by using our Tanzanian recipes.


After watching our trip to the markets video, tie a doll onto your child’s back while they play!


Make your own Tanzanian soccer ball using this demonstration and these instructions.


See how far you can walk balancing a bucket on your head. This is a normal way for men and women in Tanzania to carry their shopping or things to sell!

head carrying


Post a photo of your family and a message on our Facebook page! Or email it to if you’re concerned about privacy. We promise to write back!

**People often ask if they or their children can send us a care package. However, Tanzania has high import taxes, including on things sent through the post, so it’s not worth it.

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