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We’re Arthur and Tamie Davis. This is our personal blog for our Australian friends and family. Here we record our journey in Tanzania and what we are learning.

We’re part of CMS Australia and we work with Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES, pronounced TAFF-ess) based in Dar es Salaam. Arthur coaches staff for TAFES and Tamie is doing a PhD through the Angelina Noble Centre looking at the theology of TAFES women graduates. All views expressed here are our own and do not reflect the views of CMS Australia, TAFES or the Angelina Noble Centre.

To connect more with us, see the contact page, our videos, publications, and other stuff in the pop-up menu (top left corner).

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  1. Perspective or perception.
    It seems today a phenomena, however related to actual missionary work, is that its not enough to hope and seek a cultural democratic change in other societies to accompany the Gospel. The objective seems more about pursuit of a certain kind of Leftist democracy, even here in the US, using the Gospel. (either with or after it is shared) In essence a politicized left-wing liberal democracy encompassing the movement. Maybe it is just my sense of the way the tide has changed, or coming trends. Emphasis now on the rise on that social Gospel.

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