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When Good Friday is Good

Our church this morning was surprisingly upbeat. Surprising, because it’s Good Friday, the day when Christian commemorate the crucifixion and death of Christ. Not exactly cheerful subject matter. In my western Christian tradition, it’s normally a fairly somber day, with a focus not only on Christ’s suffering but our own […]

Faith like a lion

I’ve recently come across Vincent Donovan. He was an American Catholic missionary priest in Tanzania in the 1960s and 70s and wrote a book in 1978, ‘Christianity Rediscovered’, about his experiences among the Maasai* and how he came to see Christianity differently as a result. I had never heard of […]

Women who threaten Satan

If there’s any book of the Bible that lends itself to allegorical interpretation, it’s Revelation! In chapter 12, a pregnant woman appears, clothed with moon and sun and a crown of twelve stars. She’s pregnant and about to give birth. There’s a great dragon too, which we’re told is Satan, […]