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Why would you refuse gender equality?

In a hierarchical society, who is powerful? It’s natural to me to think that it’s the people at the top, with people becoming less powerful the further down the hierarchy they are. Those down the bottom of the hierarchy are vulnerable, and therefore would benefit from gender equality. This is […]

Velvet Ashes link up: Daily Life

Yesterday I had a meeting at Elliot’s school. He’s fine, there are just some extra strategies to implement at home. And I came home and could not cope with my life. Dinner was avocado on toast. Arthur got the boys through the bath. We aborted family prayers halfway through. I […]

Jesus the patient teacher

I’ve been benefiting from listening to a Swahili women’s podcast ‘Wanawake wa Imani‘ (Women of Faith). One of the recordings is a talk on John 4, Jesus’ encounter with the Samarian woman at the well. I was especially encouraged by the comments made about the bit where the woman asks […]