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Financial support

What do you mean, financial support?

It’s the money stuff. We don’t get a salary in Tanzania — we’re supported by donations made to our sending organisation, CMS Australia. For a few more pointers on this, check out Five Things They Never Told Me About Christian Fundraising.

How much does it cost to keep you guys in Tanzania?

From 2016, it will cost about $98,000 a year.

Whoa, isn’t that a lot?

Yes it is! We live at a similar standard to others in Tanzania’s university world, which is on the higher end in Tanzania but more modest by Australian standards. However, less than half of the $98,000 goes towards our living expenses.

So where does the rest of the money go?

There are upfront costs (like plane flights) and hidden costs (like superannuation, now required by the Australian government). A portion of it is set aside for emergencies; another portion is to prevent emergencies! An example of the latter is that CMS sends someone to visit us each year to see how we’re going and what things are like ‘on the ground’. CMS’ pastoral care is second to none and is a significant factor in keeping its workers on location for the long term. A substantial part of what we fundraise also keeps the CMS office going. They take care of a stack of things we couldn’t do or are not so good at — administration and finances for a start!

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to have a Tanzanian do that work?

Yes, definitely! You could employ heaps more Tanzanians for the amount it takes to send us. This is one of the reasons we seek to work alongside Tanzanians rather than being lone rangers. We hope that partnership will provide opportunities to train Tanzanians so that we will become obsolete!

How much should I give?

Up to you! For reference, each day we’re in Tanzania will cost about $270.

How should I give?

You can set up a credit card donation here online, otherwise email our local CMS office. Monthly donations are better for us than once offs (but we’ll take whatever you want to give!).

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