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Some missiology for campus (2)

In the last post, I was asking in part how ‘participation‘ is evangelistic. But after a friend gave me another angle, I now want to ask how participation is spiritually formative. In university ministry I guess we’re all agreed on the need to equip Christian students. Here’s a key phrase […]

Some missiology for campus (1)

I recently wrote something for Ethos about university ministry. Part of what was driving the article was my interest in improving our evangelism. ‘Participation’ isn’t just a good witness in its own right, it also promotes evangelism. The four articles by Tim Keller and Michael Keller (starting here) were dealing […]

The ‘welcome back’ of home

Arthur sent me this photo on whatsapp the other day. It’s of the TAFES HQ staff. They’re the people he spends his days with. Our family loves each of these people dearly, and in many ways they’re the reason we live in Tanzania. But they’re not the people I spend […]