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Re-entry stage two


I don’t know if there are stages, but after my initial impressions our real re-orientation began, and learning about a new place too. It’s all mixed in together. Here are ten observations 5 weeks in. We are not as tired this time. During our first year in Tanzania, we were pretty […]

Who are the Wahindi?


We knew several Wahindi in Dodoma, but the suburb we’re living in in Dar is chockers full of Wahindi. So, who are they? Here’s some of what we’re learning. Most simply, the Wahindi are Indian background Tanzanians. Many of them were born in Tanzania and their families have been here for […]

Re-entry: initial impressions


I was a bit nervous about our re-entry to Tanzania, so I’ve been quite surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feelings I’ve had in the last 24 hours since we touched down. We don’t have a place to live yet, and there’s still a whack of adjusting to do, but here […]