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My 10 top reads of 2021

In no particular order… Devotion, Hannah Kent Readers of Kent’s other books Burial Rites and The Good People, will recognise the connection with physicality and place, as well as the spiritual backdrop and themes. Devotion is a novel about the German religious refugees who settled in Hahndorf in South Australia. […]

Only for a little while

As our water woes have continued, the question I keep wondering is, how long will this go on for? If someone just told me: there’ll likely be no water until it rains, I think I might find it a little easier, but instead we keep being told, ‘tomorrow’ or ‘on […]

On disappointment with God

The last few years have been a wild ride for our family, as has been the case for many others… In 2019 we experienced significant displacement on home assignment, and 6 weeks after we arrived back in Tanzania, Covid hit and we went into 5 months isolation working from home […]

Giving thanks between two cultures

I finished my PhD fieldwork this week, well ahead of schedule. It’s a pretty big milestone and has been a mammoth effort. Arthur asked me how I wanted to celebrate – should we do something special, like go to our favourite BBQ place? I delayed answering but I wasn’t sure […]

The seasons are changing again

In our backyard, the teak and custard apple trees are greening again after losing their leaves in the cooler season. The ground is bone dry as we await the big rains. (Normally we expect them at the end of the year but with climate change the seasons have become more […]