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Giving thanks between two cultures

I finished my PhD fieldwork this week, well ahead of schedule. It’s a pretty big milestone and has been a mammoth effort. Arthur asked me how I wanted to celebrate – should we do something special, like go to our favourite BBQ place? I delayed answering but I wasn’t sure […]

“Let them be busy at home”

Our friend Samaki was telling us about his ministry in another part of Tanzania. He is introducing people to Isa Al-Masih in a Muslim part of the country. When people start following Jesus, they don’t announce, “I’m now a Christian!” but their lives are changed and people notice and ask, […]

Ephesians 5 in action in Tanzania

This weekend we were delighted to join our friends Amani and Esta for their bronze wedding anniversary and thanksgiving. They are such a beautiful couple: he is serious and reserved, she is lively and warm. They run a marriage ministry alongside his work as a pastor and hers as a […]