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Who do you say I am?

Throughout the Gospels, the question asked of those listening to or following Jesus is who he is. Jesus asks it explicitly in passages like Mark 8:27-29 and it is still the question we must ask of others today. Last week on our way down to the LaTrobe / Swinburne uni […]

Oprah, value and grace

What makes us valuable / significant / worthwhile? This was the question asked at the start of the sermon tonight at church. My thoughts immediately jumped to Oprah, who claims that worthiness is our birthright. In a world that says you’re worthwhile because of what you do (accumulate, succeed in, […]

A Christian Twilight?

Christian publishing houses are coming out with their own vampire literature. “Thirsty” comes out later this year with cover artwork that looks suspiciously familiar. Putting aside the obvious cynicism that all the writer / publishers are doing is cashing in on the success of Twilight, stop and think for a […]

Gender and hereditary loss of hearing

As Tamie and I continue writing about gender, we’ve had two kinds of experiences. We’ve been encouraged by respectful conversations with others, such as the interaction following On Femininity. Yet we’ve been saddened to meet others who wouldn’t even consider the discussion because it has been so hurtful and offensive […]

Which bridge?

Two of the most controversial and prominent figures in evangelical Christianity are Rob Bell (of NOOMA fame) and Mark Driscoll. Both emphasise the importance of engaging with culture, ‘building bridges’ with unbelievers – both have called their churches ‘Mars Hill’ after Paul’s encounter in Acts 17. Yet they have very […]

On Femininity

Here is what I was going to call a ‘Feminine Manifesto’. (If you haven’t read the introductory post, please do so.) I changed its name because I decided that writing a ‘manifesto’ was a much bigger task than I could undertake here. It’s longer than I wanted it to be […]