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Tanzanian universities today

Part 5/6 in a series on the history of Tanzanian universities So far, we’ve covered a bunch of historical info about education and politics in Tanzania: postcolonialism, founding and accreditation, the 1960s-70s and 2001 onwards. What does this mean for universities in Tanzania today? One writer has described Tanzanian universities […]

Tanzanian universities: 2001 onwards

Part 4/6 in a series on the history of universities in Tanzania A big change for Tanzanian universities, and for much of education in Tanzania generally, came in 2001 with the government’s Primary Education Development Plan, a push by the government to raise the standard of education and increase the […]

Tanzanian universities: 1960s-70s

Part 3/6 in a series on the history of Tanzanian universities It’s often said that the key to understanding the last 50 years of Tanzanian history is the legacy of Julius Nyerere. This is also a useful lens for understanding the educational philosophy and development of Tanzanian universities.