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Men lead, women obey?

In the lead up to the recent CBE conference, which Tamie has already reflected on, The Age published a local write-up of the quarrel between egalitarians and complementarians in Melbourne Anglicanism. We’ve heard some people worry about the article’s inaccuracies, yet it has at least one thing exactly right: Christians […]

Dodgy Cranmer

From current day reforming groups (complete with a Facebook page!) to my former pastor who had his picture on his study door, Thomas Cranmer is a bit of a favourite with Anglicans. After all, he was the architect of the beloved Anglican prayer book and has been credited with the […]

Going Parachurch 2: Ordination?

Christian ministers talk a lot about ‘pastoral ministry’ (running a local church) and often call it ‘the ministry’.  This is the established ministry path in every denomination, and denominational trainers may even present it as definitive.  However, as I explored last post, parachurch and mission do not require denominational endorsement.  Still, […]

Getting a Guernsey

It’s been all over the news. The Pope has a plan to welcome Anglicans who are looking for a more hardcore church to the the Roman Catholic Church. Last night, the 7pm Project reported on it – with surprising clarity. Of course, there was the normal laughing about the church […]

Mission by the book?

This post follows on from Arthur’s. I heard leading Cranmer scholar Ashley Null give a lecture at Ridley today. I think it was mainly for the Anglican ordinands and since I am normally unwilling identify with Anglicanism in general, it wasn’t really my scene. But my love of church history […]

Being a living tradition

My college mates and I spend plenty of time wondering about church identity (eg, see the list of posts here).  There’s just been an interesting discussion on the blog of Australian theologian Michael Jensen.  Having observed a lack of Anglican identity amongst ministers and students at his own evangelical Anglican […]