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Office: Take 2

Continuing to think out loud for my Ministry Formation essay, here’s the question of how office fits into calling, again, continuing discussions started here. This section is quite a bit of theory but it was both new and helpful to me once I found it. Your thoughts? (Lots of footnotes […]

Calling: Take 2

The Take 2 series continues some thoughts from a previous conversation sparked by my Ministry Formation class. Here is the first draft of my second attempt at thinking about ‘calling’, so please ignore the poor writing. But help me out – what do you think of the argument? What’s obscure or […]

Calling? (RRoundup)

One of our subjects at Ridley this semester is Ministry Formation. It’s meant to help us to develop our own pastoral theology. One of the issues we’ve been looking at recently is calling and I’m tying myself in knots trying to get my head around it.