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Mothers on the Margin 4: Ruth

Part one, part two, part three “This week, we have been using a sheet of paper to help us to consider what the Bible says about marginalised people. We have imagined that this sheet of paper is society. Strength and status are found in the centre, and as you go […]

Mothers on the Margin 3: Rahab

Part one, part two. “This week we are considering the theme of marginalised people in our society because when we read Matthew 1 and the lineage of Jesus Christ, we see several women who are on the margins of Israel but at included for our benefit. Today we will consider […]

Mothers on the Margin 1: Bathsheba

I have very enthusiastically been spruiking Anne Clements’ wonderful book ‘Mothers on the Margin?: The Significance of Women in Matthew’s Genealogy‘ after reading it earlier this year. I also chose to use it as a base for some talks for chapel which, as I was requested, I will be posting […]

More on Pentecostals in Tanzania

Something we’ve been confused about here in Tanzania is why so many Christian women marry Muslims. We asked our student friends, one of whom has a sister who got married to a Muslim. They said it’s not family pressure. Instead, for most girls, it’s seeing the money the Muslim guys […]