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Evolution, death, and all that

I’m a Christian who happily accepts mainstream scientific reflection on natural history. So, how does a “theistic evolutionist” like me deal with their personal set of curly questions? Here’s how Mikey put the question yesterday: It’s hard to process millions of years of disease, death-by-exposure, cancer, crippling mutation and hominids killing each […]

The gender debate on Her.meneutics

Her.meneutics has just done a series on ‘the gender debate’ in evangelical Christianity. Here’s the intro: Submissive wife and president of the United States — an oxymoron, if you ask many journalists analyzing the faith of 2012 hopeful Michele Bachmann. …. Journalists have spent days analyzing her response, seemingly baffled […]

Avatar whingers

I like to think of Mikey Lynch as the mini-tuna man of ministry blogging, serving up nutritious bite-sized chunks.  He recently posted about the way Christians react to Avatar.  I’ve had similar feelings.