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Gen Y guys know stuff

My set of ministry questions came out of my perception of Gen Y guys in the Australian church. Lots of Gen Y Christian guys want to ‘fix’ the church, and like to practise ‘DIY theology’. There is a certain desire to ‘go to Bible college’. There are bloggers, there are fanboys […]

The Geneva Push

We wrote previously about a new church planting network in Australia (1, 2, 3).  Now The Geneva Push is up and running.  Mikey Lynch reports that up to a dozen of their candidates for ‘In The Chute’ will be assessed for church planting before year’s end.

New AUS church planting network (2)

Issue 1    This one came up during the gathering.  Many young Aussie ministers seem mad keen on church planting, yet they are really just in love with the idea of church planting.  They aren’t ready to make the courageous, all-out sacrifices required to actually plant and grow churches.  An […]