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Moving beyond ‘Bible school theology’

A recent campus ministry conference here featured a theology seminar on christology. The speaker talked about the incarnate Christ, the post-incarnate Christ, and most of all, the pre-incarnate Christ — the personal appearance of the Son of God in the Old Testament. The session was called ‘the doctrine of Christ’, […]

Starting to think about villages

As we continue learning about life in Tanzania, one huge area that we haven’t explored much is ‘the village’. Something like 75% of Tanzanians live in villages. While we are working in an urban context, many students come to university from a village. Additionally, ‘village Tanzania’ seems to contribute significantly […]

Reformation in context (book reviews)

The Reformation is a hot topic with the likes of the New Calvinists.  How should we approach the Reformation today?  The two textbooks for our study tour have a lot to teach us. Bernd Moeller, Imperial Cities and the Reformation: Three Essays (Durham: Labyrinth Press, 1982) Steven E. Ozment, The Reformation […]