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Jezebel meets CBMW

I was waiting for this day. The day when my favourite feminist blog Jezebel discovered CBMW. Hugo Schwyzer’s a thoughtful writer but I confess I did feel a little sorry for CBMW — they just have such a PR problem! Take Schwyzer’s quote about their fight against ‘feminist egalitarianism’. That’s […]

The gender debate on Her.meneutics

Her.meneutics has just done a series on ‘the gender debate’ in evangelical Christianity. Here’s the intro: Submissive wife and president of the United States — an oxymoron, if you ask many journalists analyzing the faith of 2012 hopeful Michele Bachmann. …. Journalists have spent days analyzing her response, seemingly baffled […]

Equal and Complementary conference: Fiona McLean

We were at the Equal and Complementary conference yesterday. Fiona McLean was addressing what a complementarian viewpoint might mean for a woman, and we found her the most helpful of the speakers: her presentation was quite warm and engaging, her content was pretty thorough and nuanced, her tone was reasonably irenic, and she […]

The difficult middle road

Today we had Brian Rosner from Moore College give us a lecture on 1 Corinthians. He’s got a commentary coming out so he was telling us about the distinctives of his argument there and then we got to ask him any question we wanted that had been raised for us in […]

90/10 rule for marriage

On the way back from our recent trip to Adelaide, Arthur and I listened to this talk by Matt Chandler of Village Church on sanctification in marriage. The ‘sanctification’ bit is pretty thin on the ground, as is his exegetical work at times. And the first 10 mins of the […]