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Learnings on Pentecostalism so far

The longer we’ve been in Tanzania, the more convinced Arthur and I have become that we need to come to terms with Tanzanian Pentecostalism. What are its distinctives? How is it different from Pentecostalism in Australia? What is its history? Where is it at these days? As I’ve chatted with […]

Students speak 6

Tanzania is not highly urbanised, and university students often come from a traditional village context. At university, they find themselves in what is a more plural environment than perhaps anywhere else in the country. Many Christian students will seek out fellowship while they’re away from home, and there’s one ‘tribe’ […]

Adelaide Christian Scene

One of the things we’ve been struck by since moving to Melbourne is the distinctives of our home town, Adelaide. Lots of people know Adelaide as the City of Churches. It’s not that Adelaide had an especially high number of church buildings, but Adelaide was the first place in Australia […]

New AUS church planting network (1)

This is the latest instalment in the development of a new Australian church planting network.  Five guys from around the country have been working on it.  Earlier this year, they visited the Acts 29 Boot Camp in Seattle to talk with Mark Driscoll and observe the Acts 29 assessment process, […]


I wrote this mainly as part of a discussion on the Adelaide Christian Scene Facebook group. We were asked, While we could have a very protracted debate about sexuality and gender, what I’d like to hear about from you is what you believe is the right way for individuals to […]