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Fundraising pitfalls: the pitch

Yesterday we noted that fundraising is never just about asking for money. You’re asking people to contribute to something and the quality of that ‘something’ will have an impact on whether people come on board. The temptation for many missionaries is to make themselves sound heroic or perhaps better than […]

Fundraising pitfalls: money

Continuing our series on missionaries up the front of church, one of the complicating factors is fundraising. Money is often a difficult area for Australians to talk about. It’s something Arthur and I gave some thought to while we were fundraising (shameless plug, more info at our financial partnership page!). But […]

“What does your husband do?”

At a deputation event yesterday, a lovely and very supportive older woman asked me, ‘What does your husband do?’ At first I was confused. ‘We’re both going to Tanzania,’ I said. Then I worked out, she was asking because she’s assuming that Arthur’s the ‘missionary’ and I’m ‘the wife’. That’s […]