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Good Friday in a Tanzanian church

What is the message of Good Friday? Until I lived in Tanzania, I would have thought it was fairly straightforward: the focus is the death of Jesus for our sins, in short, the atonement. But at our church yesterday, the atonement was present, but characteristically not the focus. The ‘liturgy’ […]

Fresh grief at Easter

Red Twin loved Easter. “He is risen!” she would say, her face shining, as she waited for the response, “He is risen indeed!” It’s the moment when mourning is turned into dancing. But this Easter dancing does not come easily for me. The resurrection is what animates my hope that […]

Lenten cross

Happy Easter! This year for Lent our family started a new tradition, the Lenten Cross. It was inspired by how much Elliot loved our Jesse Tree for Advent (below). We are keen to build some of the rhythms of the church year into our family life in a sustainable way […]

Good Friday for women

Each Good Friday we pause to consider the son of God hanging on a cross, humiliated, broken and weak. And for many of us, I suspect that this is deeply guilt inducing. We know we should feel thankful but we secretly formulate this year’s list of sins: gossip, nagging, making-good-things-ultimate, […]


I’ve been reflecting on the Christa this Easter. It’s this piece of art, of a woman crucified. I started thinking about it because of this very stimulating article on the ‘Women in Theology’ blog. The author argues there that the Christa is a stunning expression of Christ’s solidarity. Some women […]