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“Do not judge”

I had a conversation with someone today who was excited because a relative who had grown up in a strongly agnostic household had had a ‘Christian’ wedding rather than having it officiated by a celebrant. He’s marrying a girl from a Catholic family so they had a Catholic service. She […]

The good news about the bad news

Someone I love and respect told me the other day how horrified she was by the claim she’d heard some other Christians make that those who did not believe in Jesus Christ were destined for Hell. To her, that was the essence of tearing relationship apart, to pass judgement on […]

Mission by the book?

This post follows on from Arthur’s. I heard leading Cranmer scholar Ashley Null give a lecture at Ridley today. I think it was mainly for the Anglican ordinands and since I am normally unwilling identify with Anglicanism in general, it wasn’t really my scene. But my love of church history […]

Who do you say I am?

Throughout the Gospels, the question asked of those listening to or following Jesus is who he is. Jesus asks it explicitly in passages like Mark 8:27-29 and it is still the question we must ask of others today. Last week on our way down to the LaTrobe / Swinburne uni […]