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A visit to a Tanzanian gym

Several months ago I wrote a very excited post on Facebook about how Dodoma now has a gym. However, it’s quite expensive (with no reduction for membership) and the classes weren’t at a great time for me. I went along to one but it wasn’t a very good experience – […]

No more gym

Burnout is a huge problem among missionaries and intercultural workers. There are the big stressors, like medical or security issues, and then there’s the low level constant stress: not understanding the language or social interactions, not knowing how to get around or the best place to shop, etc. A big […]

Gym culture

I spend a fair bit of my week at the gym, roughly equivalent to my college contact hours. Like a particular music scene or age group, gyms have their own values and etiquette. My experience is of classes (rather personal training or working out solo) at the Brunswick City Baths: Body […]