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Holiday Stats

Here are the vital stats from our trip back to Adelaide for Christmas: 1730 km travelled 5 DVDs watched 4th and 5th placing in Lockery bowling outing 3 family Christmas functions attended 3 ice creams (each!) 2 colds (1 each) 2 pandas seen 2 closed churches visited (then we gave […]

Part of the family

One of the reasons we chose Ridley was its size – big enough to have a diverse student cohort and small enough to have access to the lecturers. Tonight we had dinner with one of our lecturers and his family. The kind of hospitality they showed us was very instructive […]


I’ve been thinking a bit about 18th / 21st / 30th speeches recently. I’ve been asked to give a few but recently I’ve been wondering what I would say at my own child’s celebration. I realise I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here! But bear with me. […]