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Vulnerable mission 4: theology in Africa

We’ve been talking about two global tensions, language and resources. Now, let’s look at one of Jim Harries’ case studies of how Western money and Western language conspire to prevent African realities from being addressed. Western Kenyan people are renowned for their love for funerals and their fear of the sick and dying. […]

Hope for today (Trinity series)

The Trinity is a profoundly hopeful doctrine. Not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of hope but a ‘calm assurance’ kind of hope.  Today I want to ask what it means for everyday life and in the next post I’ll ask what it means for the way we think about the future. […]

On facing uncertain days

Elliot True Davis, our first child, joined us a week ago, filling us with thankfulness and joy! Beginning next year, we’ll be raising him in East Africa — the prospect of which has been on our minds for a while. When you think about who you want to be as […]

Beginnings of Trust

A new little book arrived for me in the post today. It’s a devotional called Trust: a godly woman’s adornment by Lydia Brownback (who blogs here.) If you’ve read my stuff on femininity, you’ll understand why the title grabbed my attention.