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Photoshop before Photoshop

Apparently the oppression of women by the propagation of unrealistic images of their bodies is not Photoshop’s fault! Here are 20 classic pin up girls and the photos they came from. Apart from change in scenery and removal of some items of clothing, most notable changes include: lightened hair colour […]

The Tudor Queens of England: Book Review

The Tudor Queens of England is not for the faint-hearted. The writing’s not that tricky, nor the subject matter but what’s confusing is the intricacies of the royal world where people change names or have the same names as other people and where the nationality of your relatives is everything. […]

Jane Barker

Studying for History of Evangelicalism, I came across Jane Barker, wife of Frederic Barker who was the Bishop of Sydney in the mid-19th century. I love finding stories in history of fiery women with a heart to see people in Australia know the Lord Jesus.

Phoebe Palmer

We looked at Phoebe Palmer in History of Evangelicalism this week. I’ve come across her before but the lecture gave me reason to read a bit more on one of the most prominent Christian women of the nineteenth century. Authoring 18 books, editing a leading Christian magazine and preaching on […]

A Multi-Leia Story

Today I watched Star Wars episodes IV and V, not for the first time of course – I was ‘educated’ from a young age! But this was the first time in a while that I’ve seen them side by side in the one day and this time I was struck […]

Mother Julia

Last night, Julia Gillard was on Q and A and she acquitted herself exceptionally well. I’ve felt pretty betrayed by Labor in this last term but I felt just the teensiest bit won over last night. Here’s why.