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Learning “Mother” from Mormons

I blogged recently about the Protestant ideal woman, the mother. Luther considered this to be  a sacred calling. Cutting across the tendency to see some vocations as ‘holy’ and some as ‘secular’, Luther saw all work as a way of glorifying God. Yet, in today’s world, women “leave” work to […]

Getting beyond angry man-eating

If feminist theology is primarily for and about women, does it have a place in the mainstream? Despite the stereotype of being angry man-eaters, feminists claim that their theology is broad. Ruether’s vision is of an inclusive humanity: inclusive of both genders, inclusive of all social groups and races, even […]

Buffy = Bella

Apparently, in a fight between Buffy and Edward Cullen, Buffy would win. That’s because she’s feisty where he’s gloomy. Plus, she’s filmed in warm colours. Obviously that makes her more powerful. *SPOILER ALERT*

Destiny’s Women

It’s often been said that music encapsulates an era. I was listening to a greatest hits CD of Destiny’s Child this week and it dawned on me that their music has in many ways been the soundtrack for women of my age. The girl power of the Spice Girls came […]

Female Chauvinist Pigs

Ariel Levy wrote Female Chauvinist Pigs in 2006 and I’ve been wanting to read it for a while. The book is a critique of one element of third wave feminism: raunch culture. She makes a fascinating argument, attributing raunch culture to the confusions of the women’s lib movement and the […]