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Getting beyond angry man-eating

If feminist theology is primarily for and about women, does it have a place in the mainstream? Despite the stereotype of being angry man-eaters, feminists claim that their theology is broad. Ruether’s vision is of an inclusive humanity: inclusive of both genders, inclusive of all social groups and races, even […]

Feminist approaches to the Bible: Part 1

In my post about some African feminist theology I briefly mentioned the issue of feminist hermeneutics and I want to revisit that here. Just what is a feminist approach to reading the Bible? Katharine Sakenfeld says it’s one of the most common questions she is asked: how can feminists use the […]

What is ‘a mother in Israel’?

In Judges 5, Deborah is called ‘a mother in Israel’. As far as we know, she didn’t have children which raises the question of what this ‘mother’ role is. How did Deborah mother Israel? What characterised motherhood in Israel and how was it understood? Cheryl Exum’s ‘”Mother in Israel”: A […]

Feminist Consciousness and Scripture

In her chapter of Feminist Interpretation and the Bible, ‘Feminist Consciousness and the Interpretation of Scripture’, Margaret A Farley asks whether there’s any integrity to approaching the Bible with a feminist lens. Isn’t that taking a higher authority than scripture? Good question!

Summer Project 2010/11

Every year I set myself a project for the summer. For example, the Scripture series was the product of last summer’s project. You may have noticed from my last two posts that this summer I’m looking at feminist theology: theology that comes to the Bible with a feminist lens. Unlike […]

Miss Jairus speaks – and reads

African feminist theologians have asked what Miss Jairus would say. In Mark 5, Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead with the words “Talitha koum”, “Little girl, arise!” Their question is whether the women of Africa, like Miss Jairus, without a name, often associated with illness and without a profession, […]