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Risk: theological reflections

Thus far in this series, I’ve considered some of the missiological issues involved in risk as well as the complexities of medical evacuation. But the point of this series is not just about making the ‘best’ decision: true wisdom must be grounded in faith, that is, in trusting God. There […]

Risk: medical evacuation

When people raise concerns with us about the level of medical care available to us in Tanzania, they generally sigh with relief when we tell them about MAF, who can evacuate us by air, and about the outstanding pastoral care of CMS who make provision to bring us home to […]

Risk: why bother?

Before Elliot was born, a relative of mine insisted to me that when I held him in my arms for the first time, I would change my mind about going to Tanzania. He said that I would do anything to protect my child. This is the first question in considering […]