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Gender, culture, and different cultures

Andrew Errington has kindly reproduced the entirety of his talk on gender at Sydney Uni EU. It’s a great example of how to talk about this issue for a few reasons: He recognises his own privilege and doesn’t dismiss it. Instead, he redirects the conversation towards how Scripture has affected […]

John Williamson on women

Last weekend, Arthur and I went down to Geelong to see a John Williamson concert. A mate of ours is a big fan of Aussie country music (and I’m a bit of a closet fan mysefl!) so we went with him. For the most part, I tried to enjoy rather […]

On having a ‘firstborn son’

Discerning readers of this blog’s comments will have picked up that our baby, due in July, is a boy. Our first child will be a son. Earlier this week, someone commented to me about how good this is ‘because having a firstborn son is so important in the Bible.’ Deep […]

Animistic Creation Stories

A component of the Missiology part of our intercultural studies is ‘Living Faiths’, where we look at current religions to gain a better understanding of them and how Christians can interact with people from these sorts of backgrounds. We looked at animism and African Traditional Religions (ATR) this week. The […]

The gender debate on Her.meneutics

Her.meneutics has just done a series on ‘the gender debate’ in evangelical Christianity. Here’s the intro: Submissive wife and president of the United States — an oxymoron, if you ask many journalists analyzing the faith of 2012 hopeful Michele Bachmann. …. Journalists have spent days analyzing her response, seemingly baffled […]