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Why I like Ellen

It’s no secret that I like Oprah. She’s been discussed on our blog a few times (here, here and here) and I’ve given a talk on ‘What Would Jesus Say to Oprah?’ But I think I like Ellen more. Sometimes I find Oprah a bit too full on and Ellen […]

The good news about the bad news

Someone I love and respect told me the other day how horrified she was by the claim she’d heard some other Christians make that those who did not believe in Jesus Christ were destined for Hell. To her, that was the essence of tearing relationship apart, to pass judgement on […]


The hyperbole of fairy tale that is The Princess Bride has long provided fodder for sermon illustrations and Christian analogies. Themes like hope, perseverance, faithfulness, justice, rescue and resurrection have clear links with the gospel message. But I have also found it helpful in thinking about disappointment with God.

Which bridge?

Two of the most controversial and prominent figures in evangelical Christianity are Rob Bell (of NOOMA fame) and Mark Driscoll. Both emphasise the importance of engaging with culture, ‘building bridges’ with unbelievers – both have called their churches ‘Mars Hill’ after Paul’s encounter in Acts 17. Yet they have very […]