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On grief: returning to Tanzania

Before we left for Tanzania the first time, I wrote a series on risk. There were so many unknowns: how were we thinking about them? We know life in Tanzania a bit now. Things seem less risky. We are not fearful about returning to Tanzania. Instead, in this last month before […]

Grieving winter

Soph posted this morning about the end of winter and the beginning of springtime. Which got me thinking: I may have had my last winter for a very long time! There’s a wet season and a dry season in Dodoma but it’s 25-35 degrees all year round. When people who […]

Of Sorrows

It’s my Granny’s funeral tomorrow and I’m feeling pretty anxious about it. The death of a loved one is difficult and I suspect that the funeral will bring that loss into even sharper focus. Plus, I’m concerned for my family members – they too will be coping with grief and […]