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Tamar’s Tears: Intro

Arthur happened to be sitting next to me as I read the introduction to Tamar’s Tears. He was regularly interrupted from his own reading by my excited exclamations. Here are two notable quotables. Long-time readers of our blog will recognise my own sentiments here, though the authors are much more […]

Tamar’s Tears

This summer my reading list has been full of prepping for St Andrew’s Hall – books on cross-cultural servanthood, incarnational ministry, cultural intelligence, etc. They’ve been helpful but I must admit I’m thrilled to be almost through the list, because my copy of Tamar’s Tears: Evangelical Engagements with Feminist Old […]

Why is Dinah’s story in the Bible?

One of the reasons I loved reading The Red Tent was to imagine the woman behind what is a brusque biblical narrative. The women of the Bible are intriguing, so often mentioned as footnotes in a broader narrative. Some might say that’s because the story is patriarchal, that we’re missing […]

Tips for women reading the Bible

Tonight a girl from our Melbourne church asked me how a feminist can read the Bible. In particular, she wondered why the Bible treats women so negatively, as the ones who do the wrong thing. I thought it was a good question and it expresses what I think is a common perception […]