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Pentecostal Theology in Africa: The Spirit

David Ngong’s chapter in Pentecostal Theology in Africa is on pneumatology (theology of the Spirit), which in African Pentecostal thought is closely connected to soteriology (theology of salvation). Indeed, the connection between the Spirit and Jesus is so intimate that rarely is distinction made between them. It’s not that ‘Spirit’ […]

Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart

A devotional experience Arthur and I have enjoyed in recent months has been memorising and singing Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart. It’s from Cardiphonia’s Pentecost album. It’s a good prayer heading into the new year too. Spirit of God, descend upon my heart Wean it from earth; through […]

Hope for today (Trinity series)

The Trinity is a profoundly hopeful doctrine. Not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of hope but a ‘calm assurance’ kind of hope.  Today I want to ask what it means for everyday life and in the next post I’ll ask what it means for the way we think about the future. […]

Knowing God (Trinity series)

I’ve made two introductory posts to this Trinity series (1, 2). Now we get to the guts of it. The first reason why the Trinity makes such a difference is because only if God is Trinity can we truly know God. And because God is Trinity, he also knows us. […]