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My kid can’t speak Strayan

I learned a new word the other day: bi-dialectical. We’d been watching a show with Gillian Anderson in it, and wondering at why her British accent is so good. Turns out, because she lived between the US and the UK as a child, she has two accents in the same […]

How to… ask us good questions!

Today, some suggestions for how to ask us questions. At one level we don’t really care – any question shows you’re interested and want to be involved! However, these tips might help you to get some better answers out of us. 1. Don’t be embarrassed to ask something you think you should […]

Confession of a cross-cultural parent

‘Sorry, he’s spent his whole life in East Africa.’ I find myself saying this almost daily. (I say East Africa rather than Tanzania because many people have no idea where Tanzania is, or mishear it as Tasmania.) Sometimes saying this diffuses the tension of a situation, like when Elliot joins […]

Fundraising pitfalls: the pitch

Yesterday we noted that fundraising is never just about asking for money. You’re asking people to contribute to something and the quality of that ‘something’ will have an impact on whether people come on board. The temptation for many missionaries is to make themselves sound heroic or perhaps better than […]