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Students Speak 4

Making idle conversation last week, I mentioned to several people that Red Twin was coming to stay. Everyone I spoke to wanted to meet her, even people I was speaking to for the first time. Some even invited themselves over for a meal! I wondered how to interpret this. Was […]

Doing the opposite

During our language classes, our tutor acted as cultural interpreter as well. One piece of advice he gave us was to think about what Australians do and then assume the opposite. Here are some ‘opposites’ we’ve been told about or discovered: if you want to protest your innocence, indignance or […]

Living as wageni (foreigners) in Tanzania

In our language classes, we have been discussing reverse racism: while Tanzanians readily view their country people with suspicion, we wageni are given the benefit of the doubt. That’s not to say there aren’t negative stereotypes of foreigners: we’re rich, unused to hard work, impatient, and not well dressed. But […]

Part of the family

One of the reasons we chose Ridley was its size – big enough to have a diverse student cohort and small enough to have access to the lecturers. Tonight we had dinner with one of our lecturers and his family. The kind of hospitality they showed us was very instructive […]