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Some advice from Dr Seuss

Elliot was given a collection of Dr Seuss books for Christmas. I chose, Oh the places you’ll go! to read to him first because it seemed appropriate for a Third Culture Kid. As it turned out, I found it pertinent to myself too. Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off […]

Humility isn’t that much fun!

As we think about going to Tanzania, one of of our big prayer points is for humility. There’s an arrogance that comes with being western and theologically educated that is counter-productive to learning from Tanzanians. I’ve been learning that already as we meet different people doing church visits. At supper […]

No more gym

Burnout is a huge problem among missionaries and intercultural workers. There are the big stressors, like medical or security issues, and then there’s the low level constant stress: not understanding the language or social interactions, not knowing how to get around or the best place to shop, etc. A big […]