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Nazif – Short film from Kenya

A friend shared this and I really enjoyed it — lots of layers, with messages for everyone. Nazif short film on Facebook The description from the producer, Film Lab Kenya, reads: Nazif is a man of Muslim background and the father of Aisha, his four year old beautiful yet hyperactive […]

Building on Mark Durie’s truth and love

Mark Durie writes in Eternity, ‘A truly Christian response to the multi-faceted challenge of “Muslims behaving badly” must embrace both truth and love in equal measure.’ He goes on to outline what truth and love involves. In the middle, Durie says: Truth will also acknowledge that many Muslims vehemently reject […]

Students Speak 2

With the start of Ramadan imminent, we chatted with our Muslim conversation partners about religion. We learnt that Ramadan in Swahili is actually ‘Ramadhani’. The ‘dh’ sound is more like ‘th’ and the ‘i’ on the end is an ‘ee’ sound. It sounds like ‘Ramathanee’. We were interested to hear […]